Blogging or Vlogging? Choose the Best for you In 2021

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Blogging or Vlogging: Today in this article I’m going to answer the most debatable question on the internet and the biggest confusion for a newcomer in the digital world i.e blogging or vlogging.

Whenever we think of going and showing ourself or our business in front of the world that is through the internet the first question which comes in our mind is whether I should go for blogging or vlogging and we get stuck in this process and end up nowhere as we are not able to figure out which will work for us.

So in this article, I’m going to show the various aspects of doing a blog as well as a vlog and with various factors and indicators I will answer all your doubts and you will be ready with a decision whether you will be going for blogging or vlogging.

So let start with counting the few benefits of starting a blog in the race of blogging or vlogging.

Blogging or Vlogging

Blogs are cheap and easy to start: The first and the most important edge of starting a blog over a vlog is that blogs are way cheaper and easy to start than a vlog.

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There’s a lot of platforms out there in which you can start your blog for free. It hardly takes 5 minutes to launch your blog on these platforms. Some of these platforms are Blogger, Tumblr, Medium.

These platforms are one of the most platforms among bloggers and a perfect place to learn blogging skills and then turning it into your own personal blog or website.

I’m telling you personal blog in the sense that whenever you create a blog on these platforms you won’t get your own customized domain i.e like instead you will get the default platform extension with the name of the site like or or

And I believe you would never want to show your business to the world without a domain name of your choice. But don’t worry it is still very cheap to get a domain. You just need a domain and hosting to launch yourself or your business online.

Blogs are easy to upkeep: Yes you got it right, it is much easy to write a blog post and publish it than making a video for your vlog then editing it, and then uploading it and repeating it over again. Comparing the time of writing a blog post with making a video for your vlog blog takes the edge over vlog or over blogging or vlogging race.

Blogs are much more SEO friendly: You much have heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it is the technique of making your blog post or article search engine friendly which will play a key role in ranking your posts over certain keywords that you choose for your post.

That might not be always the case but it happens most of the time. Doing SEO for a blog post is much easier than doing the same for a video.

Now, these were some points that give blogs an edge over the vlog.

Now let’s talk about the points where we see vlog getting the edge over a blog

Vlogs have much less competition than a blog: Yes this statement may seem contradictory to you now but if you search for something on google you will most probably get the most accurate answer to your question but it does not happen when you search for a video on a topic.

This happens because there are a lot more creators on the internet writing posts than creating videos on it. But you can see the opposite depending on the niche you select. The safest way is to research the niche competition before starting a blog or vlog on it.

Vlogs make you stand out:  Vlogs are much easier to stand you out from the competition. It creates an audience for your video or content which is though hard to achieve but if made once you will see your reach growing at the rate you never thought. But doing or getting the same audience to read your blog post is much more difficult.

Vlogs can be multipurpose: By saying this I mean if you have a vlog then you have many options like you can turn it into a real blog by just transcribing the video to text and with some modification, your vlog will be a blog soon.

You can also turn your vlog into a podcast which also gets an edge over a blog as turning a blog into a podcast is way more difficult than doing your vlog.

Alright that was all about counting the benefits of starting a blog or a vlog now let’s count some of the disadvantages of both.

Disadvantages of Blog

Blogs can be horrifying: Yes you heard it right if you are not the person who can sit and write posts for your blog then this can be horrifying for you.

Blogs can be hard to maintain: Because google keeps updating itself which makes the life of the creator very difficult to match the steps with google updates. For instance, Google made more than 3000 updates in the last year alone.

Blogs are very competitive: The competition in the world of blogs is huge and you might end up being seen nowhere. It needs consistent hard work and passion to carry on in this field. This same applies to vlogs too.

Disadvantages of Vlog

It takes too much time: The most important and the biggest reason why people don’t go for a vlog or if they start but discontinue it after few videos is because it takes a long time to make a video, edit and then upload. 

It is expensive: The very reason someone chooses to blog over vlog is that starting a blog that has good quality videos need expensive equipment which may be very difficult for a newcomer to invest this amount of money.

It is also difficult to rank your videos: You must have seen many people starting a vlog with full enthusiasm and continuing for a few months and then suddenly stop uploading videos.

The very reason why someone does this is that it’s very difficult to rank your videos and build an audience. When they don’t see the results they expected they get discouraged and stop doing it. This same applies to blog too.

Now let me conclude this topic of blogging or vlogging by giving the answer which to choose, unlike others who end up saying it’s your choice or something like that.

Blogging or Vlogging Conclusion: In my opinion starting a vlog will be a better option for you if you want to earn from multisource because if you build an audience for your videos then you can simply convert your vlog videos into a successful blog and you will not be in search for readers for your post then.

The same audience will read the posts you write and if it goes on then you will soon be able to get that extra push from google as well. You can also convert your videos into a podcast which will make you earn an extra bit of money. But doing this with a blog is very rare and extremely difficult.

But if you are still confused then just start both and make some videos and some blog posts and judge yourself what you enjoyed the most and where you see better results. If you figure out this then you are ready to start and present yourself in front of the whole world.

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