How To Start A WordPress Blog | Start A WordPress Blog In 2021 Best Guide

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How To Start A WordPress Blog: Hello everyone out there. Today in this comprehensive article on how to start a WordPress blog I will show you each and every step how to start a WordPress blog.

The most common question after how to start a WordPress blog is why only WordPress? The answer to this question is very simple, WordPress is the most used platform across the globe to start an online blog, store, eCommerce business, or your personal website. According to a report, more than 85% of blogs and personal websites are built on WordPress including the very famous news website in our country.

To make yourself and your content online and present yourself in front of everyone the most used platform is WordPress. In WordPress, you don’t have to have any coding experiences or any knowledge about it to get started with it.

The very best thing about WordPress is that is the most user-friendly platform. You get to know each and everything whether it is plugins or themes or customization of the website as you spent time with it and without taking anyone’s help.

That was all about this beautiful platform now let’s get back on the steps you need to follow to get your website online and let the world know about you and your content or anything you are planning to start with.

Step 1 Buy A Domain Name

The very first step in the process of starting a blog or website is buying a domain name. Now you must have a question, What is a domain name, and why we need to have it?

So let me clear your doubt. A domain name is nothing but the name of your website or blog which you are thinking of giving it. As humans, we know each other by our names the same applies to websites. They are also known with a name which is called the domain name.

For example, we know Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person but do we know what made him achieve this, I guess you all know that is his e-commerce business named or, the dot extension varies with countries to countries. But the thing I’m trying to explain is that this is not anything but the domain name which he gave to his business.

And we all know that we don’t search for Jeff Bezos to find his business name instead we search for his business name i.e to reach his website. So I guess you must have understood what is a domain name and why it is important to have one.

Where you can get a domain name for your website?

There are many service providers who provide you a domain name of your choice and you can go there and get one for yourself. Few of them are






Note: None of the above links are affiliate links

You just need to signup and search for your domain name and buy it and you will be ready for the next step in accomplishing the goal of setting up your website online.

Step 2 Buy A Good Hosting

The very next step after buying a domain name for your website is to buy good web hosting. A web host or hosting provider is nothing but a server or computer where everything whether it’s your images you use in your website or the storage your website has taken, this all will be stored in a remote server or computer which will run 24×7 so that your website doesn’t go offline or becomes unavailable for the user.

A good web host is mandatory for every website because it increases the overall speed of your website and your website’s user experience improves.

There are many hosting providers out there who help you in getting your blog or website online. Some of the best hosting providers are






Note: None of the above links are affiliate links.

The above listed hosting providers come with different plans, some are very expensive for someone who is just a beginner. Like SiteGround it is the most famous hosting provider among the above-listed ones.

So as a beginner I would not recommend you to directly start with costly hosting. I would recommend you to go for budget-friendly but extremely good hosting like Hostinger to start with. As your website gets more and more visitors and you earn a bit to spend on costly ones then you can move your website.

Step 3 Set up WordPress

The very next step after buying a good hosting is to set up WordPress on it. Login to your hosting account and add your website to it and then install WordPress on it.

After you set up WordPress on it by default it will look something like this.

How To Start A WordPress Blog

This is the default WordPress theme you will have on your site but you will need to change it according to your need. To change it you need to go to the dashboard and look for the appearance section. In the appearance section, you will see the theme section. Select a theme and you will get this interface

How To Start A WordPress Blog

You need to click on Add New to select free themes available on WordPress. You can select any one theme of your choice and you activate it.

How To Start A WordPress Blog

Step 4 Installing Important Plugins

The very next step is installing the necessary plugins. Go to Plugins and select add new. The interface you would get will be like this. Now in the search section search for important plugins that you think are necessary for your website and install them and activate them. Some of them are Yoast SEO or Rank Math for doing SEO of your posts. Wp forms, Really Simple SSL, Table of Content, and a cache plugin.

How To Start A WordPress Blog

Step 5 Creating Posts

You are all set to write your first post on your website. To write a post you need to go to Posts and select Add New and you will be redirected to an interface similar to this

How To Start A WordPress Blog

You can write the title of the post and start writing your content. After you write the article you need to click on the publish button and guess what you just published your first post on your website rather you posted your first post on the internet.

But keep in mind you must optimize your pages and post so that it’s rank on google. This will not be a one ay or one week or month work, it takes time to rank on google but don’t get demotivated or discouraged if you don’t see any result or earnings. Stick with it and do your best every day and you will soon see the unexpected results and the power of the internet.

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