What is Blogging: 5 Best Benefits Of Blogging

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What is Blogging and the Benefits Of Blogging: The most common question which everyone asks nowadays while seeing someone blogging or while starting a blog is what is blogging and what are the benefits of blogging? why a person starts a blog? what benefits they think they might get when they start a blog. First of all

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the medium through which you put your valuable content, product, or your personal experience in front of the whole world. It not only helps you promote your content, but it also helps the readers who go through these contents and learn from your mistakes or apply your success formula which you shared through your content. It’s a great way of interacting which the world and helping the ones who are in search of it.

What is Blogging top 5 Benefits Of Blogging
What is Blogging Benefits Of Blogging

The next big question is what are the benefits of blogging which you get when you start a blog.

1. You Learn About Domain, Hosting, WordPress, and many other things

Among the 5 benefits of blogging the first one is: Whenever a person thinks of starting a blog in WordPress he does not get a ready-made blog like we get in blogger. We know blogger is a good platform but when someone thinks of starting in WordPress they are in the process of overcoming the various limitations which one gets on blogger.

Before starting a blog you generally research many things like the niche you are trying to target and in this process of finding a good niche with low competition you do look for many sources and do a lot of research that gives a valuable experience that you can share with others on YouTube or your blog as content.

And the study shows people love to read other peoples experience or review on something as this helps them to avoid the mistakes you did it or anyone did it while learning something and implementing them in real life.

What is Blogging top 5 Benefits Of Blogging
What is Blogging: Benefits Of Blogging

The very next thing which you do after researching a niche is to find a domain name very similar to the target niche you are focusing on. And in this process, you learn about various domain name providers like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google domain, Wix, and many more. You get to know the various extensions a domain may have.

You learn about domain name generators. You get to understand why few domains called Premium domain are so costly and while doing research on your domain name you also come across buying and selling of domains which is also a trendy business nowadays.

After you get your domain name you search for a good hosting provider that fits your budget. So to get one you watch youtube videos read articles, reviews and finally you get it after researching a lot. In this process, you learn about various companies that are in this business of providing hosting.

After you get your hosting you learn about c-panel or h-panel which you get after purchasing a hosting. You learn about servers and the relation between domain and IP address and many more. After this, you install WordPress and start your setting your dream blog or website. 

2. You get the experience of designing excellent websites without knowing any coding 

Among the 5 benefits of blogging the second one is: When you install WordPress on your new site you think of giving it the best look you can, you try to give it a look that makes it eye-catching and in the process of doing it you go through various themes whether it’s paid or free, and try various ways to customize it according to your need.

You also go through a lot of plugins to make the website or your blog much more dynamic and interactive and thus in the process of doing this you learn a lot about web designing though you might not have any experience in coding.

What is Blogging top 5 Benefits Of Blogging
What is Blogging: Benefits Of Blogging

Later on, you might start making websites for others and start a freelancing career along with blogging which a lot of bloggers actually do. And in search of doing freelancing, you get to know about Fiver, freelancer, Upwork, and many more platforms which is ideal for doing it.

3. You learn writing great content

Among the 5 benefits of blogging the third one is that you learn content writing: The most important thing in the world of blogging is writing great content. If you don’t come up with unique and interesting content you may not last long in blogging. But don’t worry you don’t have to be a great content writer from the beginning of your blogging career.

What is Blogging top 5 Benefits Of Blogging
What is Blogging: Benefits Of Blogging

In fact, writing good content is a learning and applying process. You are not supposed to be a great content creator from day 1. The best or the worst thing about blogging is that no one will read your blog from day 1. It might be bad for many people but it is a fact.

A blog needs time to get visitors to it. You can use these days to improve your content and find various tricks and techniques which may work for you in the upcoming days. You just need to keep going and learn every day. And if you are very good at writing content you may start writing content for others which is also a growing business.

4. You get real experience in digital marketing 

Among the 5 benefits of blogging the fourth one is the best benefit of starting a blog or website that is you get real experience in digital marketing and by applying it you get real benefits in terms of money, subscribers, products sale, lead generation, and much more.

You learn SEO and its various benefits of doing it on every post, pages, and on your website as a whole. Whenever you write a post you make it SEO friendly which makes it easier to rank. You also learn about the various aspects of SEO i.e on-page SEO and off-page SEO and also the importance of building backlinks especially when a website is very new.

You also learn a lot about social media marketing as you create an account of your website name on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and other where you regularly post contents similar to your post on the website and thus try to get traffic from these sources to your website.

You learn how ads work by running Facebook ads or google ads or other ads to promote your post or your website as a whole. In the process of getting regular visitors and stable traffic to your website and start affiliate marketing through emails you setup subscribe option for your visitors and try to get their emails which are the foundation of email marketing.

You also learn how analytics works by seeing and observing various analytics tracking your website posts or your overall website performance.

What is Blogging top 5 Benefits Of Blogging
What is Blogging: Benefits Of Blogging

5. you can earn through various things like sponsored ads, affiliate marketing 

Among the 5 benefits of blogging the fifth one is that after collecting emails you start your email marketing and promote various affiliate products through it. You might run sponsored ads related to an affiliate product to promote it and increase your earning. You also make money from various sponsored ads that you place on your website or through affiliate products.

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